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Jeff Engel

Jeff Engel has a diversified background that has spanned the Navy SEAL’s, corporate world, and entrepreneurship. During his time in the Navy SEAL’s, Jeff worked alongside Special Forces units from various countries in the Middle East and Asia with a particular focus on operations in the Middle East. Following his time in the military, Jeff went on to work for IBM and became an integral part of four startups.

Jeff was also part of a small team that successfully grew a 15,000-person, $400 million company to a 31,000-person, $1.2 billion powerhouse in just ten years, which was eventually acquired as a strategic imperative. Jeff attributes much of his success in the business world to his time in the Navy SEAL’s working directly for people like Admiral McRaven. Jeff would equate the SEAL’s to improving his Grittiness, Hardiness, and Resilience while at the same time learning how to think through tactical decisions in a strategic way

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