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Naeim El Zein

Naeim El Zein serves as the Founder and CEO of Mira-Clé, a preeminent training and consulting company operating in Lebanon since 2009 and the UAE since 2022. He also held the position of Partner & COO at iLead Group, a distinguished firm specializing in Leadership & Communication Development. Prior to this, Naeim held pivotal roles, notably as the GS Manager at Kuwait Energy Company (Oil & Gas) with multiple critical HR functions under the GS umbrella, and as the Admin & HR Manager at Al Houkair & Sons Group. With a rich background spanning over two decades, he possesses exceptional expertise in HR Development, Organizational Cultures, Behavioral Psychology, Strategy, and Inter/Intrapersonal Skill Advancement.

In his current capacity, Naeim is a distinguished and seasoned trainer and coach for executives and prominent public figures. His transformative training has benefited over 10,000 professionals, and he provides consulting services focused on Human Resources, Strategy, and Workplace Safety to more than 500 clients across the Middle East. His expertise spans business acumen and soft skills, encompassing Influential Communication, Training of Trainers, Public Speaking Excellence, Leadership Mastery, Emotional Intelligence Enhancement, Customer Service Psychology, Behavioral Psychology relating to Body Language, and Microexpressions.

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